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Pay as you go And keep your budget under control

How does it work ?

  1. We take one of our SIM cards, and activate the subscription with our mobile operator.
  2. Once the activation is complete, we will mail you with the dedicated phonenumber.
  3. Once the SIM card is online in our datacenter, it will be available to you 24/7, and you can use our controlpanel to send and receive messages through the SIM. You can also use our free Apps, or use our API to create your own apps and integrate the SIM into your business flow.

What does it cost ?

  • For setting up the SIM and activating the subscription, we require a setup fee of € 49.
  • After that we charge a monthly fee of € 20 per month to operate the SIM. However, if you pay anually, we will give you a 10% reduction, resulting in an € 18 monthly fee.
  • To send messages, you require credits. The minimum amount of credits you can buy is € 20.
  • Sending text messages to Belgian mobile numbers costs € 0,06 per sms
  • Sending text messages to the rest of the world costs € 0,15 per sms

Anything else ?

  • Since our datacenter is in Belgium, the SIM will be connected to a Belgian mobile operator, resulting in a Belgian mobile phonenumber.
  • You can sent unlimited messages as long as you have sufficient credits. You can receive unlimited messages for free.
  • If we do not have any SIM cards in stock, setup time might increase to 5 workdays.

All prices excl. VAT. Transaction fee's not included.

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